Exterior Painting, Staining, and Finishes

Of course, we do exterior painting.
We no longer complete painting of the exteriors of larger mansions and commercial building. However, many residential and commercial exterior projects are just the right sizes for us. The painting of exterior projects or application of exterior type stains and other finish applications all start with protecting adjacent substrates and the immediate area. We then commence proper and complete preparation of all surfaces to be painted.

Handcrafted Excellence by The Cutting Edge Painting CompanyPreparation is the Key
Whether it’s a new surface found in new construction or remodel projects, or old surfaces repainted many times, the preparation is what provides a long-lasting exterior paint job.

Painting, Exterior Staining, and Finishes
Once everything is protected and prepared its time to paint. Our tag line ‘handcrafted excellence’ pays tribute to the fact that we still use hand tools for most of the paint application that we complete. We also use the latest technology available when applicable. You’ll see us using the brush and roller for most of our painting work.

  • Exterior Painting, Staining, and Finishes
  • Residential and Commercial Projects Expertise
  • Exterior wood surfaces stains and treatments

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