Exterior Painting Gallery – Projects We’ve Completed

Our exterior painting gallery represents several different exterior painting and wood treatment project types. Whether it’s whole house or just trim painting, pergolas or patio covers, even fences, we provide handcrafted excellence.

Exterior surfaces take a beating in our beautiful and sunny Colorado. Exterior paints and wood treatments breakdown quicker due to the increased ultraviolet light our higher elevation provides. Depending on the location of your property, dirt buildup on exterior surfaces can be another challenge.

Exterior projects require exceptional attention to prepare of all the surfaces properly.  In fact, the preparation of exterior surfaces is the most important portion of the work to be completed.  At Cutting Edge, the prep goes in before the paint or other finish go on. Our properly completed preparation work is what provides the finish work longevity and exceptional quality.  Let’s talk about your exterior painting project.

Exterior Painting Gallery